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EVA Foam Sheets

Classic Enterprises
Established in 1990 Classic Enterprise is the renowned manufacturer of crosslinked EVA foam sheets, Sole sheets, insoles & Laminated foams in India. Classic Enterprises manufactures EVA Foam sheets/ Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam in many different grades having different hardness, density and other physical properties.

This closed cell EVA Foam/ PE foam can be made available in almost all pastel shades and in different thickness as required. EVA Foam/ PE Foam can also be supplied in adhesive backed form with peel of paper.

Classic Enterprises

Crosslinked sheets of EVA Foam / Polyethylene foam manufactured by us has the following characteristics:
  • Closed Cell Structure
  • Low Compression Set
  • Highly resilient
  • Smooth surface
  • Available in different thickness, density, hardness, colours.
  • Inert to most of the toxic chemicals and oils.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • Available in laminated, die-cut, embossed, thermoformed, skieved and slitted form


Classic Enterprises
Crosslinked EVA Foam / Polyethylene foam sheets are being used for the following applications:
  • Shoes and Other Footwear Insole, Footbed, Midsole, Sole etc.
  • Sports & Leisure:
    Mats, Swimming Kickboards, Body Protectors, Helmet Liners, Life vests, etc.
  • Luggage
    Shells for Light-weight suitcases. Handle Cushions
  • Automotive:
    Interior ceilings, Sun-visor, slide trim, Door trim, Gaskets and seat.
  • Construction:
    Expansion Joints, Carpet under-laying, Heat insulation.
  • Packaging
  • Toys & Puzzles
  • Others:
    Sun-cap, Toilet seat covers, Mouse pads, Door mats, Stadium seats etc.Closed Cell Structure

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